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Playing By The Rules

Fri, Mar 1, 2024

Playing By The Rules
Our Racing Manager, Emma Reeves, aids us with programming and identifies who she thinks is the best placed horse each weekend.

Boy, Saturday 2nd March, Royal Randwick, Race 4:

I had hoped to bring you something a little less obvious, but I suppose ‘obvious’ is the purpose of this as I am looking for horses who fit every piece of the puzzle. How can I fault an unbeaten colt who’s putting a margin on his rivals, breaking the clock and is capable of sustaining pressure at both ends of his races? My mum was an amateur jockey in England and always told me that you can immediately feel a good horse underneath you because they have a naturally high cruising speed and they quicken off it, you’re simply a passenger. Every time I see this colt race or even trial, I think of that. It looks effortless. One thing I have learnt in my time with Gai and Adrian is that the best two-year-olds almost fly under the radar. That doesn’t mean that they’re bad trackworkers, it just means they go about everything with minimum fuss, so they aren’t necessarily the ones people are talking about straight out of the breaking in process. Maybe that coincides with my previous comments about it all simply being so easy for them. I simply can’t see him being beaten on Saturday.